The Search is Over…. for our Reception venue

Here’s the scenario. Wifey searches for a garden venue that fits our budget.

1)  I found Bonsai garden, and convinced whubby that it is beautiful with all the bonsai plants surrounding the place. And yes it fits the budget. Pencil-booked it already.

2) Upon searching, i found another venue, Blue garden, its super super pricey.. and comes with a wedding package. I showed the pics, and the packages to whubby, and convinced him that eventhough its expensive, we can still make our budget workable. However, its booked on the day of our wedding. so remove from our list.

3) Found another venue, near UP, The Village Patio. Again convinced whubby that the place is good, and that the food sounded delicious (at least from the menu names). And that the wedding package is almost worth it. Visited the place. Whubby liked it and wanted to book it immediately. However, he wanted to taste the food before giving our DP. Food tasting is set 2 weeks from the time we visited the place.

4) We also visited another venue in Marikina, La Veranda, and i liked it, because of the lightings and the aura of the place. Whubby doesnt like it because its too far from the church plus the traffic is so bad and because it doesnt have wedding packages. So imagine where the tension lies.

4) While we were debating over La Veranda and Village Patio, i received an email from one of the caterers ive been eyeing, Patio De Tata Roque. They sent a list of the places they are affiliated along with their packages. One venue that i got my eyes fixated on was “Alpadi Estate”. It sounded ‘sosyal’. Googled it, and contacted them. Damn, the venue fee is beyond our allotted budget. Whubby says no because its open area.

While waiting for the scheduled food tasting, my family wanted to visit the places we shortlisted for our wedding venue.

First stop is Alpadi Estate. Going up along Sumulong highway, feel na feel ko na, lumamig yung aircon ng sasakyan. I know im in Antipolo already. Haay.. sarap sir!!!! Upon entering the estate, i felt like going to a hidden paradise. Mukhang masukal ang lugar, with all the tall trees.

Pag dating sa The Chapel, Wow!!!! with a capital W-O-W!!!! Super super ganda ng place. Very vintage. All the elements are there plus more. Trees with capiz lamps, pond (kahit pa walang tubig at isda), may gazebo type walk way (na may mga vines vines), may stone structure na mini chapel at may garden, as in ‘green green grass of home’ type of garden…

At eto pa ung sa sinasabi sa home tv shopping na “But wait…there’s more…”

May kasama pang two-storey vintage house… very old school with matching capiz window and wooden 4-post beds. Winner!!!!!

And when Ate Nila (the estate coordinator) said .. “included etong bahay sa package.. preparation area ng bride and groom”… i felt like i was in a musicale.. and all the people are dancing and singing “Haaaa…llelujah… hallelujah”… You can just imagine my excitement. Its the house that you’d like to open the window and sing “Good morning sa inyo!!!! sweet and mild ang kasama ko…”

But whubby doesnt want the place. Because its open-air and it might rain and because it entails a lot of work (like the need for genset, and all other preparations)…. huhuhuhu 😦 felt like ive lost half a leg.

The bride speaks up!!!

This is what i have been imagining ever since i was a little girl. Well, it is a bit pricey for our budget but heck, super loving it. I have always dreamed of getting married in a cool month of December, and in very cold places like Tagaytay or Baguio, and lastly, in a garden setting… very close to nature….and super ma-drama… I actually already gave up that dream since i know destination weddings are 10 times more expensive than manila weddings. But realizing that the venue is open to any caterers and that the house for preparation area is already included, its already a very good catch. We can choose a more affordable caterers (but with delicious food and great service), and we can save up on hotel expenses already. Pasok pa rin sa banga!!!!

I did everything to convince whubby, naglambing, nagalit, inilabas ko na ang theater acting skills ko… lahat.. but its still a no for him. And so i complied with what he wanted, but with a very very sad face, plus malamyang boses. That’s when he changed his mind and decided to give me the reception i want…. Yipee!!!! mwah mwah mwah… happYness again!!!!

Thanks to Patio Tata Roque for introducing me to this hidden treasure. And sorry for not booking you as our caterer.


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